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Welcome back to another blog hop hosted by the community of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course! This is the first hop we’ve done in a while, and the first I’m writing on WordPress as opposed to Blogger. The round’s topic is financial sorcery, and as always you can navigate through each entry using the links above and below.

The theme of financial magic came with some synchronicity for me, as my coven sister and I had just recently finished an employment working. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to comb over the details of the techniques we used to accomplish our goal, from the planning stages to the execution. While certain details relating to the privacy of the spirits involved will have to be glossed over, ultimately I hope that this anecdote may be of use to those interested in reading an example of how different magical tech can be layered in the interests of a targeted goal.

The client in this case was a fellow witch in my coven, who was in need of a new job that could accommodate her physical disabilities. We started off by making a list of the “must-have’s”—what she would not compromise on with respect to salary, working conditions, hours, accommodations, and so on—and other “wants” that were preferable but not entirely necessary. Naturally, we ensured that we were not being so constricting that our petitions would block out potential opportunities that would be equally lucrative, however we had not thought of or allowed space for, while at the same time providing enough of a skeleton to the working so that we could still direct it along the requirements we had.

Once we had our list ready, we created a sigil shoal that incorporated both the requirements and various avenues for attraction. We enchanted for chance meeting opportunities with old friends, employees and business workers in her compatible fields, and for happening upon the right conversations/people/advertisements at the right time. This was the preliminary step for actually coming across particular jobs that would meet her needs beyond the ones we could reasonably anticipate. The shoal’s activation was timed in accordance with Mercury and Venus.

Four days later, I was scrolling aimlessly through Instagram when I came across a local store’s announcement that it was hiring new staff. Not only is this shop perfectly within the ideal distance range from my friend’s university, it’s also a place she often reminisced to me before about wanting to potentially work there part-time while she studies. The time-stamp on Instagram indicated that the ad was posted only 14 minutes before I came across it, and so, sniffing out an opportunity, I called her up immediately and had her draft her e-mail inquiry. I did a (very) quick divination reading with my spirit team to see if I should wait for a particular planetary hour before lighting the candle I had already fixed and prepared for her, or if I should just activate it immediately, and they encouraged me to go for the latter. Within thirty minutes of the ad having been published, our candle was glowing bright, the spirits were fed and prayed to, and her application and resume were in.

My friend had already received a response next morning, inviting her to come in for an interview the day after. Things were moving very quickly, but we wanted to be thoughtful with the time we did have. We both confirmed with our own spiritual courts through divination how best to proceed, and then enchanted for those options. This included a Venusian blessing for eloquence and appeal during the interview, Mercury for swiftness and negotiation, and a further luck drawing work for overall optimization. We figured out which cards should be played upfront, and which should be held closer to the chest. She would be immediately upfront about her limitations due to her class hours, but self-advocate for her willingness to work any compatible hours, especially those on weekends, for example. When it came time for the interview, I made sure she had her appropriate talismans on her, and I sent one of my personal working spirits, who is deeply Jovian in nature, to be with her and to foster the growth of abundance. Additionally, since we are in the same coven, we petitioned our guiding spirits, especially the Sentinel—a title we’ve given an immensely powerful spirit protector who belongs equally to the whole of the coven as teacher and guardian—to open the ways.

While she was at the interview, I made sure that I was by my altar. I’ve found over time that there’s something about having a magician enchant for you in the precise moment you are at an interview of any similar critical moment that truly kicks everything up a notch. I had her personal concerns on hand, I had already meditated, prayed, and evoked beforehand, and as I focused on the candle I had named and enlivened as her, I saw within its flame and wax her shadow, being led into a staff room I had never seen while there before, sitting down with a woman whose description I later came to learn matched precisely her interviewer. I called on the Three Charites (or Graces), spun their words, their laughter, and their flowing abundance over the crossed flame, and pushed.

One thing we were especially mindful of, which I feel is really important to mention here as well, was the potential of gaining from loss. In the meanwhile, I had launched another shoal that would branch off of the new sigils I had put in place for her to actually secure the job, in this case having to do with how best to reap from changes in how we expected things to go. In other words, if someone else got the position (I knew well my friend wasn’t the only magician who had applied for the same job), I wanted to ensure that this whole venture would on the whole have a significant refund value. More encounters with the right people who would lead her to an even better and more convenient position, more references, recommendations, and juicy hints whispered in the right ears at the right time, and so on.

The magical strategy was, as with most of our joint workings, methodically layered. Sigil shoals informed the structure, expected pathways, and also provided room for unexpected but beneficial manifestations. Meanwhile, spirit conjuration, fixed candles, and a planetary evocation fleshed out and capitalized on the luck accumulation we had set forth through the shoal. Throughout the whole process, we had been praying over our workings on our altars and making good on our pacted promises.

Within a week, my friend was called back for a second interview, and within another she was hired—the sole applicant they accepted for that call. Later, I came to find out that the store had received a genuinely surprising amount of applications, especially in light of how little they advertised the position. There was a considerable amount of competition, but my friend—despite some gaps in her resume that we, for lack of a better word, glamoured over—was their first choice. The work itself is something she genuinely enjoys, the salary is excellent for the position, and the hours could not be more perfect to suit her schedule and needs. This was a deeply welcome break for her, especially since the job she had previously been working at had been both unsatisfying and uncomfortable in light of particular physical disabilities. It’s quite something to hear her nowadays chirp on about how “she can’t wait to go to work”, how much she admires her boss, and how much more relaxed and recharged she feels after every shift, especially when they coincide soon after a class.

With the help of shoals which kept us both on-target (and optimized with respect to potential misfiring—or as we call them, when we work to ensure we can gain from loss: “happy accidents”), strong and existing spirit pacts, and some old fashioned materia that was incorporated into the candle’s fixed ingredients, we both arrived at precisely the result we wanted. Next steps are to continue running our little luck-machine in the background to promote further mobility, as well as an ever-increasing flow of coming across the right things at the right time, just as we did with that original ad.

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  1. Miracles happens when a knowledgeable individual use cutting edge magical skills to make the impossible to be possible.I congratulate the blogger for her sublime skills in magic which she has been deploying in the service of humanity.Financial sorcery is real,this is another testament to its realness.Perfect plan,flawless execution,awesome result.


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